A Unique Solution

By carefully considering the needs of designers and architects, we have created a unique, customisable and confident wayfinding system, that can be used in any environment to suit the aesthetics of any physical space or brand.

Its modular system means it can be configured according to any signage needs. Designed with expressive minimalism, it has a timeless appeal that offers a highly purified form which is simple to maintain and completely customisable to represent a brand’s typography and colourway.

Simplicity delivered
in three key ways:

A. The shelving system provides a unique way of displaying messaging.

B. An acrylic window reveals a paper insert, for ease of updating.

C. The backplate is available in four versions, with or without the paper insert. The sign can be mounted on various surfaces with hidden fixings.


iosta has been designed to comply with ADA/DDA regulations, allowing to incorporate raised letters and braille on the backplate acrylic window.

A Family of Signs

Its multiple configurations and characteristic flexibility enable the creation of an extensive family of signs – offering the order, simplicity and harmony to shape a cohesive signage program.

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Customising iosta to meet your requirements


Using our intuitively designed set of characters and pictograms, messaging can be fully tailored.


iosta signs are finished in a variety of anodized aluminium colours, although custom finishes are available as well.


The system offers complete flexibility in length. Whatever the messaging and sought aesthetics, the extrusion can be cut to order.

The name iosta and its logotype is trademarked under Irish law. The product design is patented under EU law, United States law and also patented through the WIPO


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